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Ride Height

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Ride height lowering

Ride height is the amount of space between the base of an automobile tire and the underside of the chassis; or, more properly, to the shortest distance between a flat, level surface, and any part of a vehicle other than those parts designed to contact the ground (such as tires, tracks, skis, etc.). Ground clearance is measured with standard vehicle equipment, and for cars, is usually given with no cargo or passengers.

ride height: lowered

ride height: lowered

  • Aerodynamics: A lowered ride height can reduce drag by lessening the wind flowing underneath the car.
  • Traction and Handling: Lowering can increase grip from the tires and improve handling.
  • Reduced Rollover Risk: A lowered suspension reduces the centre of gravity.
  • Ride Comfort: Stiffening the suspension by lowering can increase ride comfort.
ride height: raised

ride height: raised















And of course, we don’t have to explain the advantages of raising the suspension.




RIPP Supercharger Installed Monster

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RIPP supercharger installed on this monster

RIPP supercharger installation on this monster of a Jeep is now finished. This is our third one this week!

RIPP supercharger install

RIPP supercharger install

There are few things better than watching the progress on a RIPP supercharger install. At OffRoad-Zone, this is fast becoming one of our most popular installations. It turns an ordinary Jeep into a monster.


It looks comfortable in its new home. And why shouldn’t it be? A Jeep is a great place for a RIPP supercharger installation.


This new monster of a Jeep just glistens in the sun, ready for anything the desert can provide.


Wrangler Jeep Supercharged!

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Wrangler Jeep supercharged manual

Wrangler Jeep manual. Not good enough for you. How about we add a RIPP Supercharger? Too late. We already did that. Say hello to a RIPP supercharged Jeep Wrangler 3.6L manual transmission.

Wrangler Jeep

Wrangler Jeep

There are few things on Earth that will give you the sort of thrill a RIPP supercharger will, at least, that’s what we at OffRoad-Zone believe. And with a manual transmission to control all that power, all the better.



A peak inside reveals the heart of this supercharged beast. The heart lies within, just waiting to be unleashed.

RIPP Supercharger

RIPP Supercharger

The Wrangler Jeep and RIPP Supercharger look like they were meant to be together, destined for greatness.  Like what you see? For more information about RIPP Superchargers, or any other modifications, contact Minas at minas@offroad-zone.com or 050 276 9903.


Can you spot the Jeep parts?

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Jeep parts from different jeeps

Jeep parts come in all different shapes and sizes. Can you tell the difference? At OffRoad-Zone, we love everything Jeep. So, we decided to have a little contest. Check out the picture below. Can you spot the differences between these Jeeps? Look closely and let us know what you think.




10438220_10154340076550427_6776042738965608917_nThe one who can pick out all the differences between these Jeeps will win a Rampage Grab Handle.

If you think you know your Jeeps better than anyone else, drop us a line on Facebook and see if you win these comfortable and convenient grab handles.



Jeep Test

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Jeep Test: Final Stage

Jeep test of our latest project. At OffRoad-Zone, we like to make sure the job is completely done before we move on. Upgrading the parts and accessories isn’t enough. We have to fine tune everything. And that’s the real fun! Jeep testing sets up the vehicle for future offroad adventures.

Jeep test

Jeep test


We tuned for optimal performance, changed the fan speed settings, and the transmission shifting points. Test usually aren’t too much fun, but when you’re testing a newly modified Jeep for the desert, it’s lots of fun.

This one’s ready. Who’s next? Drop by OffRoad-Zone and let’s see what we can do.


Pro Comp Wheels and Tyres

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Pro Comp wheels and tyres promotion ends soon!

Pro Comp wheels and tyres

Pro Comp wheels and tyres are on the cutting edge of both design and durability. OffRoad-Zone is pleased to offer its customers the opportunity to enjoy all that Pro Comp wheels and tyres have to offer. Until June 3rd, purchase any 4 Pro Comp wheels, and receive the 5th wheel free.

Starting in 1998, Pro Comp took on tyres and has since become one of the top tyre-manufacturing contenders in the aftermarket industry. This has been supported by the release of our Pro Comp wheels in 2001, designed to be the strongest steel and cast wheels in the market.

As always, we’re more than willing to talk your ears off about everything offroad. Contact us, or better yet, drop by our shop for more information.


Smittybilt Winch

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Smittybilt Winch promotion ends May 31st

Smittbilt winches are the best in the business. OffRoad-Zone is proud to offer a free Winch cover with the purchase of a Smittybilt Winch X20!

Smittybilt winch cover


The new Gen2 series of Smittybilt X2O and XRC winches have been thoroughly updated with heavy-duty features for enhanced performance. The new 6.6HP amphibious motor offers the highest torque in the industry and is connected to a 3-stage Planetary Gear System for increased pulling power and line speed. The X20 Series features an all new integrated wireless remote control for ease of use and maximum versatility.

Offer ends May 31st. Drop by and check out all the excellent Smittybilt winches.



Shop Jeep Wrangler

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Shop Jeep Wrangler Revealed

Shop Jeep Wrangler is finally ready! We’ve been working our butts off to get our shop Jeep Wrangler ready for some play.

shop Jeep Wrangler

The final roster is for the 2014 Jeep Wrangler JK 3.6L Pentastar Supercharged is:

Skyjacker Suspensions 4″ lift kit with Lower Arms
ProComp Metal Mulisha wheels 17×9″
35″ BF Good Rich AT Tires
Ripp Supercharger
Bushwacker Flat Flares
Gibson Metal Malisha Cat back system
Smittybilt XRC front and rear bumpers with tire carrier
Smittybilt SRC Side step
Smittybilt X20 Winch with Synthetic rope
Smittybilt Ligth Bar
LED lights
Smittybilt Seat covers
Daystar Hood latch
Rampage grab handles
G2 Ring and Pinions 4.88

nice headlights 10274212_10154119312700427_4475487527682538530_n 10269549_10154119307435427_938872303320927968_n 10320549_10154119318945427_5213800332000553107_n

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 11.21.01 AM

RIPP Supercharger

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RIPP Supercharger

RIPP Supercharger

RIPP superchargers do a great job of turning your 4×4 into an offroad beast. RIPP superchargers are easy to install and fit many offroad vehicles including Jeeps. Many customers have questions regarding the fit and function of these superchargers. RIPP has made a video to answer some if not all of your questions. Sit back with a bag of popcorn and enjoy the video.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. Or even better, drop by the shop for a chat. We love to discuss superchargers and all the other products available to turn your offroad vehicle into an offroad monster.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 2.33.00 PM

Bushwacker Fender Flares

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Bushwacker fender flares coming to OffRoad-Zone

Bushwacker fender flares are coming to OffRoad-Zone. New pocket style factory and extended coverage flares are on their way. These new flares give you the protection you need when taking your Jeep offroad. The extended flares take that class leading coverage and extend it even further. The new pocket flares by Bushwacker give your Jeep protection that is just as stylish as it is protective.

Bushwacker fender flares

We here at OffRoad-Zone are proud to offer these new flares and other Bushwacker products to our customers. For more information on Bushwacker, visit OffRoad-Zone.com or drop by the shop for a chat.