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Soft Tops

Jeep soft tops for 365-day rides

Driving a Jeep with a soft top is an adventurous way to stay refreshed while savoring breathtaking views and all-year-round weather. Is your 4x4 ready for such a trip? If it isn’t, upgrade it with a Jeep soft top roof that looks great on both the Wrangler and Gladiator. Order travel-ready coverage for DIY installation, or let OffRoad-Zone do the job. It’s up to you.

Get a move on with the right soft roof for Jeep

When selecting a soft roof for your all-terrain companion, ask yourself why you need it in the first place. Do you want to replace your hard top for functional or aesthetic reasons? Are you looking for a cover you can use all year round? Knowing what you are after is key to heading out with the desired coverage. From there, you can also compare Jeep soft top prices, configurations, and the final look on your 4x4.
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At OffRoad-Zone, you have open-air and fully-covered driving options galore:

  • Our bikini tops are perfect for dry weather. Made from mesh, they protect the front or all car passengers from the sunlight without blocking the view. Besides semi-transparent roofs, we also have solid black options for those willing to guard themselves and their gear from occasional mild rains.
  • Choose all-season frameless tops to be wowed by easy-to-install and non-transparent coverage for your 4x4. Made from a durable and highly resistant material, a frameless Jeep soft top roof repels summer heat and occasional downpours. Also, you can turn one into a bikini in the snap of a finger.
  • If your Jeep was initially equipped with a soft roof and the original hardware is still in use, consider replacing the fabric and windows with twill or vinyl replacement tops. We have covers to fit two-door and four-door vehicles, all made with a robust material that leaves no room for flapping noises and worn-out sectionals.

Discover more OEM and non-OEM Jeep soft top covers at OffRoad-Zone. You can learn more about compatibility with other 4x4 vehicles by checking it on product pages.

Zip it up and go without worries

An improved driver and passenger experience is included when you buy a Jeep soft top. Whether you aim for a guarded interior space for your belongings or an entirely sun-proof roof, you can’t go wrong with a Wrangler or Gladiator top that is:

  • All-purpose. Soft tops reign supreme for versatility compared to their rigid counterparts. Besides easy removal and installation, they create a protective shade for 4x4 passengers and can be effortlessly opened to let the sun in.
  • All-weather. Despite being made from softer materials than hard roofs, fabric tops have no flaws to guard your cabin and please your eye. Plus, premium vinyl, mesh, and twill help maintain the roof’s shape in different weather conditions.
  • Cost-effective. If the budget matters a lot, a soft configuration is your best bet. At OffRoad-Zone, you can find Jeep soft tops for sale at a reduced price and install one on the spot for an extra fee.

Add an extendable roof to your all-capable Jeep!