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4x4 Off-Road Driving Experience in Dubai

Rated top 7 desert experience in the UAE on

OffRoad-Zone’s You Drive 4×4 Desert Experience the “Must Do” in Dubai. It is NOT a desert safari where you sit as a passenger at the mercy of a driver you just met. Instead, it is “You” Driving a modified Jeep Wrangler in a convoy, crossing the scenic desert dunes in the UAE, while following an experienced lead 4×4.

Trip advisor 2019 certificate of excellence

You Drive Packages Available



5.5 hours start to finish

2+ hours off-roading

Up to 3 passengers

Safe and Fun for the whole family

Cross dunes

Away from all safaris

Learn Recovery Techniques



24 hours start to finish

9+ hours off-roading Safe and Fun For the Whole Family

Up to 4 passengers

Every one can drive no extra fee

learn techniques

cross dunes

modified 4×4

safety equipment

BBQ dinner, breakfast and lunch

camping gear

sleeping bag

away from all safaris

aLearn Recovery Techniques



48 hours start to finish

16 hours off-roading

Up to 4 passengers

learn techniques

cross dunes

modified 4×4

safety equipment

BBQ dinner, breakfast and lunch

camping gear

sleeping bag

away from all safaris



Tailor made team building experience

drivers and non-drivers can join

Briefing at the office

4 to 5 per vehicle

prizes for the best driver and best team

Learn to overcome adversity

5 star Award Winning Arabic Barbecue

cross dunes


The You Drive 4×4 Desert Experience is a unique way to enjoy the beautiful deserts of the UAE. The adrenaline rush of self-driving a fully modified 4 X 4 Jeep Wrangler through the dunes is unparalleled. The You Drive 4×4 Desert Experience is ideal for those seeking real driving adventure or those with families with no desert driving experience at all. Our professional guide will lead you through the desert in a convoy keeping your safety in mind at all times.

What to Expect

Your experience will start with a detailed safety briefing. Your guide will explain how the 4×4 system in your modified Jeep works, various safety aspects of the drive, and desert driving tips. Further instructions and safety tips will be given as you drive to the desert location through walkie-talkies.

Once on location it’s hands on learning as you deflate tires and prepare for desert entrance. As you enter the desert you will learn and practice various driving and safety techniques. These techniques are important for keeping you on top of the sand while avoiding getting stuck. All of this will provide for you a safe and extremely fun experience.


The You Drive 4×4 Desert Experience will be a safe, technical, and fun adventure and is not a race or dune bashing at high speeds. The best way to learn to drive in the desert is at low speeds while you learn to feel your vehicle and respond to the conditions.

We stay away from the camp areas and safari trails to give you the best experience in the most beautiful scenic spots of the UAE. Each driver will receive personal instruction, driving tips, and learn the techniques required to have a safe and educational experience.

How Will You Feel?

By the end of the You Drive 4×4 Desert Experience you will have gained the confidence and skills to feel like a seasoned pro. The You Drive 4×4 Desert Driving Experience is the perfect way to spend quality time with family, friends, or co-workers, as you experience what many have said is the best time they have ever had in Dubai

All our You Drive 4×4 Desert Experiences include

  • A fully modified 4 X 4 which includes lifted suspension, upgraded wheels and tires and much more
  • All the necessary fuel for the trip
  • Safety equipment including tow rope, tyre deflator, first aid kit and much more
  • Safety instruction and convoy leader throughout the drive
  • Convoy leader has additional safety equipment such as a winch, air compressor etc
  • Walkie-talkie in each vehicle
  • Water

What do you need to bring to the You Drive 4×4 Desert Experience:

You will be required to supply a copy of a Valid UAE accepted or International driver’s licence, passport copy, and a credit card. Credit card must be Visa or MasterCard and is required for security deposit against the 4×4 Jeep rental.

What our overnight camps include:

  • Tent that sleeps from 2-4  people
  • A new sleeping bag, pillow etc… for you to use
  • BBQ dinner – a 5 star rated, award winning, Arabic barbecue dinner
  • Camp-out style breakfast – eggs, croissants and coffee/fresh squeezed OJ
  • Lunch sandwiches/other