OffRoad-Zone is the leading independent 4×4 garage in the UAE.  We have been specializing in repairing and modifying Jeeps and other 4x4s since 2002. Our key strengths are technical know-how, focus on customers’ needs and a great team of over 30 management and staff.

The core of OffRoad-Zone is the Garage, employing top rated technicians.  Our Mods department focuses only on branded and high quality products from the USA.  We have car and Jeep Rentals on site for you to use if your car is in service or if you need a different ride and we also have high quality vehicles a d Jeeps for sale or for Lease with an option to purchase.  Since driving is on our DNA, we also offer a You Drive Desert Driving Experience, where you get to drive our modified Jeep Wranglers in the desert in the safety of our convoy.  Whatever your 4×4 need, we have a solution. Come, give us a try! OffRoad-Zone Home Page

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