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Price Incl. 5% VAT: AED 8190



48 hours start to finish

16 hours off-roading

Up to 4 passengers

learn techniques

cross dunes

safety equipment

BBQ dinner, breakfast, and lunch

camping gear

sleeping bag

modified 4×4


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You Drive 4×4 Desert  Camping Experience



To experienceNov 4, 2023

A must-do. A cool team, quality equipment and a superb site. We are masters on board but with the precious help of the guide

Franck P

Keep Off RoadingOct 24, 2023

On this particular day we were the only family on tour. This in turn meant that we had all the attention of the tour guide and we’re able to get a good amount of time out in the desert. The guide David was a great teacher for someone who has not done any kind of off roading before. He was always calm and his instructions were clear and precise. By the end of the experience I became more and more confident and knew how to handle the car and what it’s capabilities were. Getting stuck in the sand a few times (which you will end up doing) was also a good experience and learning part of the day. I was also told that I wasn’t stuck because they didn’t have to tow me out, so bear that in mind (always a plus).

Franco C

Whaouu must tryAug 9, 2023

Amazing trip, being able to drive by myself with a nice guide, nice car very clean, was just fantastic. I really recommand


Great experience highly recommendJan 3, 2024

Viator review: Dubai Self-Drive 4WD Desert and Dune Bash Safari This is a well organised activity from the very beginning off-road zone was in contact with me quick via WhatsApp sending documents needed and nearer the time sent videos to watch showing you what to expect etc.

On the day they were in contact informing who was picking me up and arrived on time in vehicle I would be driving and took me to there premises a brief rundown of controls and paperwork and we were off. As an experienced off-roader albeit on mud not sand I wanted a move advanced driving in dessert and was sceptical if I would enjoy this trip but took the chance and glade I did.

The guide David was very friendly really knew his stuff and once he taught us some tips for driving in sand he took us on a great trip into the dunes increasing the difficulty as we went luckily there was only two cars on the trip plus instructor so gave plenty of driving time and because we both took to the sand quickly got a lot out of the experience. It did feel like a real dessert drive like you would see on YouTube etc not a tamed down trip for tourist.

The jeep was in immaculate condition really well looked after, the people were great so was the dessert.

My only criticism and that’s not with off-road zone it’s with Dubai traffic. The first 30 min of driving is very chaotic in busy traffic trying to keep in convoy Is difficult even for someone that is a confident driver and only three vehicles in the group. As a suggestion maybe have satnav in jeeps or even allow the drivers to have destination on the phone just so they have better idea when coming to exits etc would help a foreigner not use to the country a lot.

If I’m ever in Dubai again this is top of my list to do again and usually I’m not one to do same thing twice neither do I write many reviews but felt Offroadzone staff and the experience deserve it. I’ve said experience a lot because it is it’s more than just a activity to get money out of tourist you do and soon forget it’s something you will remember forever and a lot of organisation gone into it. Everything is done in house by a small group of people.

Thanks everyone at off-road zone


Dune Bashing in DubaiMay 29, 2023

Driving a 4WD across the desert was a bucket-list experience I had the joy of sharing with my girlfriend recently. The thrill of controlling a powerful Jeep Wrangler, transitioning from city roads to the wild dunes, is truly unmatched. The tour provided a perfect blend of adventure, adrenaline, and awe-inspiring views, from the bustle of Dubai to the stunning desert of UAE. Guidance via walkie-talkie ensured safety without sacrificing the thrill. This activity, with a per vehicle pricing and an option for two drivers, is a fantastic and highly recommended adventure for all who seek an unforgettable, hands-on experience in Dubai.



This was the best tour in Dubai. Our guide - who was also our instructor - picked us up at the hotel in Dubai. We got a short briefing on the way to the jeep rental. We were lucky that only Kevin, our instructor, was driving in his jeep in front of us. So we were only in the desert with two jeeps. I can only recommend this tour to everyone.

We ( my son and I ) were on a buggy ride yesterday. I would never do that again.... It was the biggest tourist scam and rip-off. The next time we come to Dubai, we will do the tour with the "Jeep drive yourself" again if possible. Then I also book two jeeps - one for my wife and my daughter, and one for my son and me - because otherwise we argue about who gets to drive If possible, best with our guide Kevin


Exhilarating Self-drive ExperienceJan 14, 2023

Awesome self drive experience with OffRoad Zone. The instructor was very helpful and knew his way around the desert. He guided me to gain confidence in the sand and I was able to master the techniques quickly. We drove on proper sand dunes for more than 3 hours; the experience was just exhilarating.

The car was in great condition and well maintained. They had all necessary safety equipment including winch, though we didn’t need it during the drive.

Vivek V

4 months ago

Just amazing, nice car, nice guide, driving myself was absolutely great with all the needed recommendations


a year ago

Absolutely incredible experience would certainly recommend to both Novices and Experienced drivers alike. Our guide Dave gave an incredibly professional service from Start to Finish.

Jack Hughes

a year ago

I used it when I returned home. I can't speak English, but I can say it in a few words.The staff were friendly and it was very nice. Also, I was able to leave my suitcase at the office during the activity. It was a half-day tour starting at noon, but I had a lot of fun driving. I think it's safe because the course is decided based on the driver's ability. You may get stuck, but that's okay. There are ups and downs, so people who are prone to motion sickness should be careful. It's hot depending on the season, so it's best to take precautions against the heat. I got some water. During the journey to the desert, there will be breaks to drink and use the restroom. Driving in the desert was an experience that I wouldn't normally have, and it left me with great memories.



Can I bring my spouse or my friend along the drive?
Absolutely! Only the driver needs to be registered on the course, and this information will be uploaded to the Road and Transportation Authority (RTA) Portal.
Can I bring my children along for the drive?
Children below the age of five are not permitted. For those aged five and above, a proper car seat must be installed until they are tall enough for the car's normal seatbelt.
How long is the drive for Half-Day?
The total experience is 5.5 hours from the start point to the end point. It commences at 12:30 PM and concludes between 5:30-6:00 PM. The meeting point is at our office Offroad-zone (Al Quoz Industrial Area 1). If you opt for hotel pick-up, an additional fee applies.
How do I Book?
You can easily book online by clicking [here](insert link) or send us a WhatsApp message at +971 54 736 4289 / +971 56 116 9036 to confirm your booking.
If I have to reschedule the booking, how can I do that?
Please provide us with a 48-hour advance notice for rescheduling. Bookings, once confirmed, are non-refundable. In case of emergencies, we will understand, and you will receive 80% of the total amount paid.
Do you offer a gift voucher?
Yes, we do! Our gift voucher covers 1 driver and up to 3 passengers. It's valid for 6 months from the date of purchase, non-transferable, and non-refundable. The cost is AED 1785 (including VAT).
  • Main Driver must be 25+ years old
  • Second driver 21+
  • Drivers License
  • Passport
  • Credit Card Copy (Number Side Only, Master card or Visa only)