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Teraflex JL/JT: Factory Replacement CV Joint Kit

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he TeraFlex JL/JT: Factory Replacement Rzeppa CV Joint Kit replaces a worn or damaged factory Rzeppa CV joint without resorting to an expensive aftermarket U-joint conversion while still allowing angles of up to 15 degrees. The flared CV housing reduces boot failure associated with 3” or more lift.

The included low-friction grease is engineered specifically for the high RPM needs of the JK Rzeppa CV Joint and features high-viscosity surface bonding characteristics necessary to properly adhere the grease to all moving surfaces.

• Direct replacement
• Quality components for years of service
• Installation tool included
• High-viscosity, surface bonding, low friction grease included
• Use existing drive shaft, replaces the Rzeppa joint only

• Proper grease packing is crucial for joint longevity. Grease MUST be packed thoroughly and liberally to the entire CV assembly. Be generous and use all grease provided. Improperly packing the bearings w/out enough grease will result in bearing failure.
• For complete step-by-step procedure please watch the instructional video.



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Years2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
ModelsGladiator JT , Wrangler JL 3.6L


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