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Tazer Mini Jeep JL/JT

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Tazer JL Mini is to be an essential tool for owners of the 2018+ Wrangler JL and Jeep Gladiator.  All engine and transmission variations supported, including export models.

Simple, plug-in installation – simply unplug the SGW module and plug the Tazer JL Mini in its place.  Located above the OBD2 Diagnostic connector.  To make it easier for removal and reinstallation for dealer visits, add on our SGW Extension Cable.

Features are all accessed using the dash display, using steering wheel buttons to navigate the menus.

Tazer JL Mini features can be broken into three categories:

Vehicle Settings are accessed with the engine OFF and the ignition in the “RUN” position. These are changes made to the Jeep such as tire size, gear ratios or settings which accommodate other upgrades. These changes will continue to operate after the Tazer JL Mini is unplugged.

Live Functions are accessed with the engine ON. These are operations the Tazer JL Mini performs live, only while it is physically connected.
plugged in.

“Non-Menu” Live Functions are not located in a menu. They are activated automatically or with a steering wheel button combination. These are operations the Tazer JL Mini performs live, only while it is physically connected.

List of Vehicle Settings:

Light Show – 6 preset and 3 make-your-own light shows that flash all the exterior lights – perfect for car shows/first responders/off-road visibility – controlled from key fob or steering wheel buttons – can be enabled in-motion for use in parades, off-road and for legal police/EMS applications (contact support for more info)
read and clear DTCs system-wide or in specific modules
change tire size
change gear ratio (max 4.50 on 4XE)
change Transfer Case LOW ratio
enable/disable TPMS system
set TPMS pressure warning limit, front and rear, between 25psi and 85psi
enable/disable backup camera
enable/disable Cargo Camera input (8.4 UConnect only)
enable/disable CD (wired audio) input*
enable/disable TravelLink/XM traffic and weather
activate Offroad Pages after upgrading to 8.4” radio
change daytime running lights (DRL) region (CA/USA)
change DRL location
enable/disable DRL Dropout function
enable/disable factory fog lights
enable/disable Fog Light Dropout (when fogs shut off while high beams are on)
enable/disable one-touch lane change
enable/disable factory halo lights (including BCM output for adding halos)
change headlight type (Std/LED)
change fog light type (Std/LED)
change taillight type (Std/LED)/delete sensor circuit for running aftermarket lights
change front turn signal type (std/LED)/delete sensor circuit for aftermarket lights
enable/disable factory auto hi-beam
enable/disable Trailer Tow setting
disable electronic sway bar (if removed from the vehicle)
disable electronic steering pump for hydraulic steering conversions
enable the trailer brake controller (primarily Gladiator)
disable front and rear lockers for axle swaps
disable front axle disconnect module for axle swaps
declare the presence of a Drive Train Control Module (Rubicon Transfer Case)
enable/disable Aux Buttons
enable/disable Blind Spot Detection (if the hardware is added or removed)
delete the seat belt reminder chime
enable/disable/change ParkSense configuration
change cluster splash screen — JL: Wrangler/Sahara/Rubicon JT: Sport/SportX/Rubicon
enable HVAC dual-zone switch assembly when upgrading from 5” radio
enable HomeLink if HomeLink visor and harness are installed
enable/disable auto dimming mirror after installation
enable Proximity Entry if handles and harnesses are installed
enable pickup bed outlet (Gladiator)
enable/disable auto headlights after sensors are installed
enable/disable PANIC button on remote
display Tazer JL Mini firmware version
display Tazer JL Mini serial number
display current Unmarry Number (see page 16)
one-touch return-to-stock – quick “Unmarry” function returns to stock
List of Live Functions:

activate Light Show
hold brakes at a red light (excl. 4XE)
use garage door opener after shutdown
enable navigation entry in-motion
TurnCAM – activate backup camera when turn signals are used (5”, 7” and 8.4” UConnect) Kill3Honk – disable three honks that sound when leaving running vehicle with keys
toggle hood alarm
enable passenger side heat on remote start
flash third brake light when braking
customize third brake light flash pattern
define Winch Mode RPM (excl. 4XE)
flash lights to indicate tire pressure while filling
Dark Mode – turn off all exterior lighting and dash/radio/shifter lights while parked with the engine running
activate and cycle through camera inputs
display Vacuum/Boost Gauge
activate 0-30 timer
activate 0-60 timer
Force RWD (392 only)
display firmware version
List of “Non-Menu” Live Functions

AutoStopStart Disable – Tazer JL Mini will automatically remember the last state of the auto stop/start system and set it for you the next time you start the vehicle
AutoTracKill – Tazer JL Mini will automatically remember the last state of the traction control system and set it for you the next time you start the vehicle
disconnect sway bar in 2WD up to 30mph or at any speed if mapped to a button
License Plate Blanking (Gladiator) – Tazer JL Mini will automatically turn off license plate light when in reverse or using TurnCam to reduce glare
activate bed lights/reverse lights from keyfob (Gladiator)
Axle Locker Control (Rubicon, Mojave) – engage lockers in 2WD and 4Hi on demand.
Cooldown Mode – turn on engine fans on-demand
Winch Mode – raise idle RPM to user-selected value between 1250 and 2000 (excl. 4XE)
Hood Alarm – monitors hood activity when the vehicle theft alarm is armed and will sound the alarm and flash a light show if opened
Line Lock – lock the front brakes for an easy burnout
Rock Crawl – lock all four brakes with a steering wheel button combo to hold the vehicle still, especially helpful when off-road (excl. 4XE)
lock all four brakes in park to anchor Jeep (shortcut) (excl. 4XE)
TC Kill – turn off traction control, stability control and ABS (excl. 4XE)
show backup camera (shortcut)
Turn Assist – lock the inside back tire for sharper turns (button remap function only) (excl. 4XE)
remap cruise +/-/RES buttons to:Any of the 8 light shows
Backup camera
TC Kill (excl. 4XE)
Line Lock (excl. 4XE)
Rock Crawl (excl. 4XE)
Turn Assist (excl. 4XE)
Winch Mode (excl. 4XE)
Front/Rear/Front+Rear Lockers
Dark Mode
Force RWD
Partial Reboot
European JLs are equipped with side mirror turn signals, which take the place of Halos in the wiring. You currently can’t install Halos on European JLs.


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Years2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
ModelsGladiator JT , Wrangler JL 3.6L


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