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Major and Minor Services

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Major and minor services are required by all vehicles to keep them in top working order. OffRoad-Zone's team of automotive technicians will administer any and all major and minor services as per the manufacturer. Major Service periods and systems are specified in the user manual for your vehicle. Most major services include diagnostic on the engine management system. This system controls all the major parts in the engine. The fuel delivery and ignition systems are also checked using diagnostic tools. The timing belt is also inspected and replaced if needed. Wheels are aligned and the braking system is checked, cleaned, and parts are replaced. Minor service periods and systems are also specified in the user manual for you vehicle. Oil is drained and it plus the oil filter are replaced. The chassis lubrication is checked, if not done by the manufacturer. All other fluids, filters, belts, hoses, brakes, and emissions are checked. Finally, the tyres are checked and rotated.


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