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This is applicable to all vehicles rented from OffRoad Zone Rent a Car LLC for You Drive Desert Experience Activities.


ORZ agrees to:

  1. Carry out routine maintenance, servicing and repairs resulting from normal wear and tear (excluding tyre punctures). You will receive your rental in perfect running condition
  2. Insure the vehicle, with comprehensive insurance where indicated, unless otherwise stated in the contract.  Our insurance does cover off-road use under the terms and conditions stated in our waiver of liability. The insurance policy does not cover acts of Sabotage, Terrorism, Reckless and Drunken Driving - under the influence of alcohol or any other substance


Approved drivers:

  1. The person named on the agreement must be the main driver, present at time of rental and payer of any rental charges. Drivers license copy must be submitted at time of booking. Some countries require a international drivers license. ORZ can provide a list of acceptable D.L.
  2. You will be required to present a valid passport as proof of identity and the passport must be carried along when driving the vehicle. A CREDIT CARD COPY IS REQUIRED FOR EVERY RENTAL.
  3. Additional drivers may be possible at rates to be determined for each additional driver per rental per day. Name of other driver/s must be mentioned in the rental agreement along with copies of their P.P. and D.L.
  4. The minimum age for drivers is 25 years of age.   You agree to ensure all other drivers driving the vehicle hold the valid UAE driving license that is more than 6 months old.
  5. All vehicles are subject to a non-waivable excess in the amount of AED 3,500 for all vehicle groups for which you are responsible in the event of damage to the vehicle during use. If the vehicle was hit and ran by another party, a police report must be provided and there will be an insurance excess of 1,500 AED.
  6. If the terms of the waiver of liability are not adhered to exactly the driver/or responsible party will be responsible for all damages.
  7. The driver agrees to pay for all damages/repair due to not following the waiver of liability protocol or while the driver is under the influence (there is a no tolerance drinking and driving law in the UAE and Oman) and in such case if the vehicle is beyond repair, to purchase the vehicle at the market price of the vehicle during the time. 
  8. ORZ vehicles cannot be driven and/or dropped off out of the UAE and must not be taken by boat or otherwise off the continent. You may travel to Oman, upon receiving written permission from ORZ, but you will need to purchase additional insurance. 


Vehicle use, maintenance, accidents & damages to vehicle - You agree to:

  1. Inform ORZ and police immediately in the event of an accident and obtain a Police Report and Repair Slip to process insurance claims. You will pay costs of transporting accident vehicle to workshop or Police Yard in the concerned Emirate.  
  2. Ensure all fluid levels (oil, water etc.) and tire pressures are maintained to the level specified and accept financial liability for any damage resulting from use of the vehicle below specified level.  
  3. In the event the vehicle is overheating etc., to stop usage of the vehicle and to call recovery service designated by ORZ or to call ORZ.
  4. Not to sublet or give possession to third party and use the vehicle for illegal or criminal activities. 
  5. Not to take the vehicle outside of UAE territories unless agreed in advanced or mentioned in the Agreement.
  6. Fuel is supplied by ORZ up to one full tank per day on all activities. Any access fuel must be paid by individual or responsible party.
  7. Ensure no unauthorized person repairs or carry out modification on the vehicle without prior written approval of ORZ (including application of film advertisement stickers and fixing tow bars). By no means, you are permitted to conduct any repairs, service, or maintenance for the vehicle at 3rd party garage(s).
  8. Pay all fines, toll gate fees and expenses incurred through violation of traffic, municipality and local laws as well as road toll fees and other fees imposed by the municipality or the Emirate. ORZ reserves the right to charge such fines, fees, and expenses immediately to your account or your credit card and to transfer any demerit points to your driving license without prior approval. 
  9. Keep an amount of up to AED 3500/-as traffic fine deposit on credit card, jeep rental, or provide the amount in cash to ORZ. At the end of the rental term, ORZ will notify the client after 3 to 5 days to collect the rental refund and will give 30 days period to collect it. If the client failed to collect the refund at the given time, ORZ has the right not to give back the remaining deposit.
  10. Pay 20% of all amounts referred to above as service charge and pay the total amount no later than 3 days from intimation.
  11. Compensate ORZ for all losses including lost of profit due to failure to comply with the agreement. This includes the loss from the impounding of vehicles due to traffic violations or any other violations in this agreement.
  12. Accept all liabilities, and hold ORZ harmless, for use of the vehicle during its possession.
  13. In case of accident, replacement will be provided only in case of no fault of driver and Green Slip of Original Police Report is submitted to ORZ.  Additional rental charges may apply in case of accident is the fault of driver (Red Slip). If the client has less than 12 months old license, or he/she is having a international license or license from his/her country of origin which is recognize by the UAE government, he/she is liable to pay 10% of the insurance repair cost; and any block points or red traffic fines obtained while the client is driving the vehicle under these licenses, he/she will be held responsible of clearing out these traffic fines.


Rental, Renewal and other payments

  1. All You Drive Experiences must be paid 50% in advance in order to secure requested dates. Dates are not secured until 50% deposit is in our account. The remaining 50% must be in our account no later than 24 hours before event or ORZ has the right to cancel experience with no further notice.
  2. Excessive usage beyond 350kms/day for daily and 1,500KMS weekly rentals and beyond 3,000 KMS on Monthly/Lease rentals will result in a charge of 0.50 fils per km.
  3. Cash and Visa & MasterCard are accepted.  Cheques and Debit cards are not accepted. Fees will be subject to tax if taxation is introduced by the Government of the UAE.
  4. An authorization is obtained on your credit card based on estimated charges.  There must be sufficient credit on your card to cover all charges.
  5. ORZ shall have the option to terminate the contract, take possession of the vehicle and charge early termination fees in case of misuse of the vehicle, use of the vehicle for illegal or criminal activities and no payment the rent and or amounts due to the driver beyond 7 days from due date.  
  6. The 50%  deposit is non refundable under no circumstances. 
  7. NO Smoking inside the car! A fine of 2,000 AED will be applied immediately without any notice.
  8. PET’s are allowed inside the vehicle, but 500 AED fee to be applied if the vehicle was returned unclean.
  9. At the time of vehicle return, the customer must check and removed every items or valuables on his possession. ORZ will not take responsibility on any lost or damage items.