Zombie Jeep!

Is your Jeep ready for the zombie apocalypse?

The possible modifications available for Jeeps are amazing. They are the multitool of vehicles, an offroading boy scout. Ready for anything!


At OffRoad-Zone, we offer modifications to help you prepare for the zombie apocalypse. From lift kits and suspension, to wheels and tyres, to winches and lights, we’ve got everything you need to escape the hordes of undead. Except for maybe the turret.

Let us know what you think. What modifications would you want when the zombies come knocking?

We’ve turned the science of modifying 4×4s into an art. Over 10 years of OffRoad-Zone customisation has surpassed the needs of our customers and enhanced the performance of their vehicles. Here you can browse just some of the components we have in stock.  For a more complete list, please pick up our 1,000 page catalogue.