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You Drive Desert Experience

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You Drive Desert Experience A unique way to enjoy the beautiful deserts of the UAE along with the adrenalin rush of driving a fully modified 4x4 Jeep Wrangler through the dunes. With our fully trained and professional guides you do not need  to have any experience but by the end of your day you will feel like a seasoned pro. This is a perfect way to spend quality time with family, friends or co-workers as you experience what many have said is the best time they've ever had in Dubai. The "You Drive" is from 13:00 to 18:00 every Saturday - Thursday (three car minimum except Saturday) and we can book private experiences for your family or group. For AED 1400 you will get one fully modified 4x4 rental, all necessary safety equipment, walkie-talkie, water and the 5 hour driving experience (Maximum 1 driver 3 passengers per 4x4). We stay away from the camp areas and safari trails to give you the best experience in the most beautiful scenic spots of the UAE. Each driver will receive personal instruction, driving tips, and learn the techniques required to have a safe and educational experience. For those who already have a proper 4x4 and the necessary safety equipment you are welcome to join our group for AED 600. Want More? OffRoad-Zone's 2 day 1 night Camping Experience You will experience everything our "You Drive" has to offer along with a fabulous Arabic Bar-B-Que at sunset and then get ready to see the Heavens come alive right before your eyes as darkness falls on the UAE. We provide all the camping gear, tents, etc... Breakfast the next morning will be provided and then it's more dune exploring until late afternoon. (Must have bookings for minimum three 4x4's) Our 2 day 1 night camping experience cost is AED 4,500 per 4x4 (Includes driver) with each additional person AED 600.  Everyone who is of age 25 or older may drive with this experience. OffRoad-Zone's 3 day 2 night Camping Experience This is the ultimate experience designed for those who love the extreme. This combines the "You Drive" and the 2 day experience but to the extreme as we move from the smaller dunes to the world's largest dunes traversing through the most beautiful desert terrain on the planet. Through the sands, under the stars, and around the fire this is an experience you will be talking about the rest of your life. Our 3 day 2 night Extreme Camping experience cost is AED 7,500 per 4x4 (including Driver) with each additional person AED 850. Everyone who is of age 25 or older may drive with this experience.   To Book your Experience or for more information please contact [email protected] or call 971043392449              


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