Wrangler Jeep Supercharged!

Wrangler Jeep Supercharged!

Wrangler Jeep supercharged manual

Wrangler Jeep manual. Not good enough for you. How about we add a RIPP Supercharger? Too late. We already did that. Say hello to a RIPP supercharged Jeep Wrangler 3.6L manual transmission.


Wrangler Jeep

There are few things on Earth that will give you the sort of thrill a RIPP supercharger will, at least, that’s what we at OffRoad-Zone believe. And with a manual transmission to control all that power, all the better.



A peak inside reveals the heart of this supercharged beast. The heart lies within, just waiting to be unleashed.


RIPP Supercharger

The Wrangler Jeep and RIPP Supercharger look like they were meant to be together, destined for greatness.  Like what you see? For more information about RIPP Superchargers, or any other modifications, contact Minas at [email protected] or 050 276 9903.