World Cup at OffRoad-Zone

World Cup at OffRoad-Zone

World Cup of offroad vehicles

World Cup fever has caught us here at OffRoad-Zone. But we like to put our little slant on it. The World Cup final is between Germany and Argentina. And so, we’ve decided to cheer, not for a team, but for a vehicle. OffRoad-Zone has assembled vehicles from both countries for a real test of offroad superiority.

First, for Germany we have the Mercedes Benz G Class. Just like the German team, it’s a well put together and reliable vehicle.


World Cup: Germany

For Argentina, we have the Gaucho Vlega. Much like team Argentina, it is flashy and has moments of brilliance.


World Cup: Argentina

Who will be the offroad Wold Cup winner for 2014? This one might need penalty kicks.