Wheel & Tyre Upgrades for Jeep Wranglers

Wheel & Tyre Upgrades for Jeep Wranglers

Wheel & Tyre Upgrades for Jeep Wranglers 

Your wheels and tyres are your only connection to the road. Driving performance, efficiency and most importantly, your safety depends on the right selection of wheels and tyres.  Your driving style and the purpose of the vehicle is very important when selecting a wheel and tyre combination.  After 14 years of experience in servicing customer in the UAE, we have gained tremendous experience on the right combination, brand, size and type of wheel and tyre which will work best for you.  Some of this insight are provided below through FAQs:


Noisy tyres: I just bought a new set of mud tyres and they are very noisy, what can I do?

OffRoad-Zone Answer: Unfortunately, you probably bought the wrong tyre. We get a lot of complaints about mud tyres, particularly about a particular brand that we don’t want to mention – that’s why we don’t sell them.  Certain brands of tyres simply dry out very fast in the UAE heat and simply get hard and noisy.  The noise is not only annoying to you and everyone around you, but the dry tyres are also dangerous as you don’t get the necessary road grip.   We have been using BF Goodrich brand of tyre for 14 years and highly recommend it as they look great, perform great on-road and are not noisy.  They are not the cheapest tyre in the market, however, they do last for years, so in the long-term, they are actually great value.

Tyre Size: What size tyre works best in the desert?

OffRoad-Zone Answer: You’re not going to like this answer.  Smaller, stock tyres generally outperform larger upgraded tyres simply because they are much lighter.  However, when properly lifting a vehicle (2.5″ plus), which is the best performance upgrade you can do to a 4×4 for the desert, you can’t keep you original tyres as a) they are unsafe with a lift and b) they look horrible.  Upgraded wheels and tyres do however give you additional clearance, larger surface area in the desert and an amazing look.

Cheap wheels and knock offs:  I found a set of wheels online half the price of the ones you sell, how come?

OffRoad-Zone Answer: Chances are, those are knock offs.  Don’t believe “they are from the same factory as the branded wheels” excuse.  Branded wheels such as ProComp may be built abroad, but they are built under strict quality controls.  You simply don’t want to take a chance fake or knock off wheels and tyres when those are the only things keeping you on the group.  Common complaints about cheap wheels are constant vibration, wheel cracks, loss of air and faded look.

Balancing and alignment: What’s the difference between balancing a tyre and an alignment and how often should they be performed.

OffRoad-Zone Answer: You balance your tyres every time you purchase new ones or when you feel there is a wobble in it.  Weights are placed inside the wheel to make sure that the wheel and tyre are turning as smoothly as possible.  An alignment on the other hand, ensure the vehicle drives straight and all four wheels are aligned.  This will have to be done every time you change wheels, or rotate them (which should be done every 10k kms) or if you feel the vehicle is pulling to one side.  A good indication of a vehicle not aligned is uneven wear and tear of a tyre.  If you like to hit curbs or do heavy off-road driving, you will likely need an alignment more frequently.

Upgrade options

Check out our Mods section for all your wheel, tyre and suspension options.