Used Car Modifications

Modifications for used cars

We accessorize and modify used cars! And of course we also provide warranties, service packages or even all the other regular things you have to consider and deal with while buying a used car. Some want their own ideas and vision to be implemented however, we give you the best combination and advice when modifying your new car. Especially when it’s a Jeep!


We have it all: Skyjacker suspension lift kits, tires, wheels spacers, roof racks, Bushwacker fender flares, Rampage Grab Handles, various exhaust systems, K&N air intakes & filter cleaners, RIPP superchargers, Smittybilt XRC Bumpers & winch, heavy duty hi-lift jacks, Diablo In-Tunes and Trinity hand held ECU tuners


Even some off-road gadgets such as: Smittybilt trail goggles, KC Lights, LED lights, GoPro cameras, shackles, tow ropes, and much MUCH more.


Some think that if they buy a used one that already has some modifications done to it they can save a few Dirham’s and get a great deal. But be careful, the person who owned it before you most likely had it modified to use it for the same reasons you are going to!


Because we take care when modifying used cars, almost all the modification on the cars we have for sale are brand new. When selling the car, we ensure that the modifications will cost you less to buy with the car than when you buy them later on.


If you have any questions or are looking to buy one anytime soon, make sure you contact us for any modification questions!