Service Packages: The Benefits!

Service Packages: The Benefits!

Why buy a service package?! Well here’s a whole list of reasons!

Why is it important to do regular maintenance on your jeep ?

  • During off-roading there is lot of pressure on the car. The engine, transmission, transfer case, front & rear differentials, suspension parts, steering system and cooling system are all under a lot of stress in order to get you from point A to B safely.
  • To avoid the car breaking down in the middle of the desert, you need regular servicing on your Jeep, so we recommend you to service it every 5000KM

OffRoad-Zone service packages include 4 services at 5000KM intervals. The service package is built up of 2 full services which will include:

  • Engine Oil & Filterscreen-shot-2013-10-09-at-1-21-23-pm
  • Air Filter
  • Fuel Filter (only on YJ, 1987-1996, models )
  • Front Differential Oil
  • Rear Differential Oil with axle slip additive
  • Transfer case oil
  • AC filter (if the model requires one)

In a full service, it does not include transmission oil change, spark plug change or brake pad change. If any of these are required to be changed, they will be listed in our report.

The remaining 2 services are Normal Services which include the following:

  • Engine Oil & Filter
  • Cleaning Air Filter
  • Cleaning of AC Filter

Both types of service are inclusive of a full inspection. Within this inspection we check the whole car. If any mechanical problems are recognised, we will give you a full report on the vehicle and the prices for each item that may need replacing.

Whilst your car is in for a service we will provide you with a free courtesy car for the time your car is with us. There are other benefits to our service package such as discounts and increased resale value on the car.


Come on now, you know it makes sense to buy one. Think of how stress free it can be. Simply drop off your car, collect your waiting courtesy car and off you go. We’ll take care of the rest!