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Ripp Supercharger Gen 2 Black Ops Edition JK 3.8L

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Ripp Supercharger Gen 2 Black Ops Edition JK 3.8L

Limited edition Black-Ops Supercharger Kit Only 40 Made a Year Higher Boost level than Standard Kit (11psi)

Initial testing has found that in stock form, the 3.8l only produces 133 Wheel Horse Power (WHP) on stock tires and gears. Most of our clients have 35-37" tires installed so the WHP drops to 108-123.

With the addition of  a RIPP Supercharger and running through stock exhaust manifolds, cats and exhaust, the 3.8l produces 240-/ Rear Wheel HP (WHP) on stock wheels/tires and gears at 8psi. More over an impressive **230 whp and 260 lb/ft of torque on commonly used 35" wheels and tires.

Automatic: Stock 133whp RIPP Supercharged 240whp (Measured at the rear wheels)*

Manual: Stock 149whp RIPP Supercharged 260whp  (Measured at the rear wheels)*

With over 4000 kits sold world-wide, the list of users and manufacturers that rely on RIPP is impressive to say the least. To name a few corporate exhibition vehicles that rely on RIPP power are; Rock Krawler, Trail Master, Pro-lift, and Rough Country Suspensions, MBRP and Magnaflow Exhausts, Auburn Gears, GenRight and Rebel Off Road. We have been featured and tested on many popular TV shows such as; Xtreme 4x4, Truck U and West Coast Customs all of which have given positive reviews to our products. RIPP owns and tests with its own vehicles, we have owned every vehicle we have ever developed kits for. In 2007 we started our program on a first GEN JK then we moved on to a 2008 Rubicon Unlimited and finalized all testing. In June of 2008 with an additional 40000 miles of testing we considered the system fully developed and moved onto CARB approval. All the work paid off, at 8psi of boost we are the most powerful supercharger kit on the market for the 2007-2011 JK. Gas mileage has gone up nearly 2 miles per gallon in the city and over 4 highway WHEN DRIVEN* respectfully even on larger tires and axles. Don't trust your Jeep project to just anyone, go with the brand that's battle proven world -wide, RIPP! ** All RIPP WHP levels are measured at the rear wheel, not at the crank. Be careful when comparing HP to WHP. WHP levels vary depending on tire and gear combination as rotational mass comes into play, this affects both Naturally Aspirated (NA) and Forced Induction (FI) total output.


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