RIPP Jeep JK Supercharger!

Jeep JK Supercharger? Sign me up!

Have you ever thought about a Jeep JK Supercharger? Want to easily boost the power in your Jeep JK? Check out this bad boy.


Yeah, that’s right. It really is that simple. Buy it and 5 hours later you have 100 more rear wheel HP, 90ft/lbs of torque and gain, and 1-4 more MPG in your 2007-2011 3.8 JK. Torque your way through those dunes. As a wise man once said, “POWER!!!”

Engineered Performance for Your Project:

RAND an engineering firm in the making for the last seventeen years, dedicated to bringing you only the best performance solutions for your car. Our team of performance tuners consistently creates products that exceed customers’ expectations. RAND leads the competition with products such as our class leading supercharging system. Our systems allow owners to go further and faster while maintaining reliability and drivability – safely adding forced induction to their platform without hassle. RAND uses sophisticated tools and technologies like Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Numerical Code (CNC) and an in house chassis AWD Chassis DYNO for accurate HP reading and tuning calibrations. These are the same prototyping and development technologies found in high tech industries such as Formula 1 Racing and Aerospace Engineering. RAND designs and produces systems far beyond the scope of simple bolt-on parts.