Lease to Own has all the benefits of ownership with the flexibility and convenience of a car rental. Our lease to own option is available on our in-house rental fleet and on other new or pre-owned vehicles. We focus on cool vehicles such as Jeep Wranglers, pick-up trucks and convertibles.

No Banks! No Hassles!

One of the easiest ways to drive away in a vehicle that you can own is our lease to own option. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Select a vehicle from our existing fleet or a new vehicle you want to dive
  2. Select a service package and upgrades
  3. Decide on the size of the down payment – the larger the down payment the smaller your monthly payments
  4. Select a final payment and number of years
  5. Your monthly payments will depend on the above criteria

Advantages include:

  1. No Banks, no hassles
  2. 24 hour approval
  3. The only lease to own offered on pre-owned affordable vehicles
  4. Full warranty and service packages available
  5. Includes Salik sign up and registration
  6. Starting from AED 10,000 down and AED 1,500 per month
  7. Walk away or trade up option available at any point in time
  8. Pay off your vehicle within 12-24 months
  9. Lease to own a vehicle within your budget – don’t get tied down to the banks for years

Drive away in 24 hours!

To qualify, you must be employed and have a valid UAE driver’s licence. Documents required include:

  1. Proof of employment
  2. Passport copy and residency visa
  3. UAE driver’s licence
  4. Security checks s and Post dated cheques
  5. Utility or DEWA bill for proof of residency
  6. Three month bank statements
  1. You are renting the vehicle but it stays under our name until it is fully paid.
  2. You can break the lease at any point in time by returning the vehicle and paying a pre-agreed penalty
  3. We will manage paying for Salik and traffic fines but you are responsible for immediately compensating OffRoad-Zone
  4. You agree to service the vehicle with OffRoad-Zone only
  5. You may not perform any modification or use it for off-road without our written approval
  6. Once the vehicle is fully paid for the vehicle is transferred to your name.

For more information call 04 339 2449 or email [email protected]

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