Lease to Own Car Dubai

Lease to Own Car Dubai

OffRoad Zone’s Lease to Own Car Dubai

OffRoad-Zone’s lease to own program is a unique and flexible way of owning a vehicle without the hassle of going through a bank or a financial institution.

Considering the high demand from our customers in 2005, the rent-a-car company “OFFROAD-ZONE RENT A CAR LLC” was established. Immediately after we launched it, we started the lease to own car Dubai program that allowed individuals and small to medium size companies who don’t want to utilize their cash flows in vehicles, to own the cars after a period of leasing them.

Basically the system works on all available cars for sale at our shop. From quality pre-owned economy sedans, to well maintained or even modified 4x4s, and now brand new cars.


This season, and just before the off-road season kicks in, we are featuring the brand new FORD F-150 on our lease to own program. You can get it modified or even branded with your company logo at our shop and all the costs can be included in the lease. Keep in mind that these trucks have with the newest technology and are very comfortable rides on and off the road. The 5.4 V8 engines give you the power and the capability that you expect. It is also equipped with a rear view camera that has 3 zooming options on the left of the rear view mirror, which is a great option considering the narrow parking spots around town. Don’t forget these are brand new, so you will have a full warranty for the next 3 years from the main dealer.

The lease to own program is very flexible and can be tailored to your budget needs. It also includes the insurance and registration costs during the lease period. Don’t forget to ask for one of our amazing service packages. Here is an example:


Down payment: AED35,000

Monthly Installment: AED2,999X36Months

Final payment (optional): AED55,000

We only have a limited quantity and they will go fast!