Jeep Soft Tops!

The best Jeep soft tops

Jeep soft tops add a new look.

Trektop NX JK 2 door

Want to add a Jeep soft top? Bestop, Trektop NX! Trektop NX includes factory style door surrounds and features an easy flip back canopy for instant open air driving. Rear and side windows are easily removed for Safari bikini style driving.



 The Dustcover

If you have the hard top off, it’s good to have a duster deck cover to protect your back seat from sun, rain and dust damage. It also improves your fuel consumption as the car won’t slow down due to the wind circulating through the car. The main benefit is that it keeps valuables out of sight!


 The Bikini Cover

Bikini tops are designed to cover front driver and passenger seat to be covered from the sun and rain. To install the bikini top, you need a windshield channel. This does not come with the car. It is an additional part.


 The Windjammer

The ‘Windjammer’ is a combination of vinyl fabric with clear plastic windows that attaches to the centre support bar with straps and to the floor with a Belt Rail attachment to stop it from moving around. There is a roll up door below the window which allows access to items in the rear cargo area. The windjammer is designed to keep 90 percent of wind, rain, dust and dirt from entering cockpit area when used with Bikini and Duster. It can also be used with full Soft Tops for better thermal insulation.


 Cleaning Substances

Bestop Cleaner kits are specially formulated to safely provide a total cleaning and protection system to remove the toughest soils and repel dust, grease, and mildew from most Bestop Soft tops and accessories. It will also help to stop the plastic windows from fading and reducing visibility.