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The Best Jeep Garage in Dubai

The Best Jeep Garage in Dubai

Welcome to, OffRoad-Zone, the best Jeep Garage in Dubai. Although Jeep Wranglers are our core business we offer so much more. Whether you are a Jeeper, own a 4×4, or any other personal vehicle, OffRoad-Zone, has the best technicians. They are trained and have the expertise to keep your vehicle in top shape.
To contact us or make a booking, please click “contact us” at the bottom or top of this page.  One of our staff will get back to you right away.

Our Garage Services Include

Major & Minor Service

Servicing your Jeep is the best way to keep it running smoothly, avoiding large repair bills in the future. It also ensures a higher resale value and most importantly a safe vehicle for you and your family. Due to the extreme heat in the UAE cars experience cooling issues. Our Jeep garage knows Jeeps and how to service them. We also offer annual service packages with great incentives.

Click here for service packages and other details.

Engine & Drivetrain

The engine and drivetrain are the most important components of your vehicle. The engine is typically the heart of the vehicle.  It could also be the most expensive components.  Many things can go wrong with the Engine and Drivetrain and OffRoad-Zone’s Jeep garage is best place to give you the most cost effective solutions. Either rebuilding with new parts, installing pre-owned parts or upgrading the components.

see our blog for more details and our Mods section for upgrades.

Air Conditioning Systems

The air conditioning system is probably the best invention ever made for the UAE’s hot climate. Power windows are great. We all love power door locks. Who doesn’t appreciate cruise control? Remember what it was like before Power steering? I think we can all agree that we would trade them all for a nice cold A/C system that worked.

If your A/C system is not blowing cold air or is making noise when you turn it on, bring it in to OffRoad-Zone. We have the best trained A/C technicians and they can perform a diagnostic test to determine the issues.

Electrical Systems

The battery is the source of electricity to your vehicle. The battery is absolutely necessary to turn on your vehicle, which then recharges your battery through an alternator. OffRoad-Zone’s trained technicians will performance a full diagnostic of your electrical system including your battery and terminals. All the hardware and fasteners that hold the battery securely in place under the bonnet are also checked and replaced if necessary. We’ll replace the battery and repair or replace all the corresponding hardware.

Leather Interiors

The interior of your vehicle is where you really spend most of your time. Leather interiors are both great looking and easier to clean. We offer customer leather interiors using only Italian leather. Our service uses proper crafting which require specific knowledge of the vehicle and skill set of an artist. Choose from custom leather colours as well as custom stitching or piping.

Wheels and Tyres

Your wheels and tyres are your only connection to the road. Driving performance, efficiency and most importantly, your safety depends on the right selection of wheels and tyres. Your driving style and the purpose of the vehicle is very important when selecting a wheel and tyre combination. After 14 years of experience in servicing customer in the UAE, we have gained tremendous experience on the right combination, brand, size and type of wheel and tyre which will work best for you.

Some of this insight is provided in our blog on wheel and tyres, and there is so much more that we would be happy to share in person.

Body and Paint

Having your vehicle perform well is one thing, but it has to look good, too. OffRoad-Zone’s Body and Paint services will help you with just that. Whether it’s a custom paint job or just freshening up an old look, we will provide the best advice for your vehicle. We can also arrange small dents to be removed and vehicles wrapped for design or branding purposes. Don’t forget, we have an in-house discounted vehicle rental for our customers, because we know that life doesn’t just stop when your vehicle is in the shop.

Vehicle Tuning

Vehicle Tuning is the adjustment or modification of the engine or its control unit (ECU) to get the most performance.  OffRoad-Zone’s team of technicians uses the very latest in tuning technology to gain maximum HP. If you have a carburetor,  fuel injection, or a turbo charged engine, we have the proper equipment. We use all the latest in tuning computers, with good old fashioned elbow grease. Engine timing and mapping, balancing, port and polish, are some of the techniques we have mastered. At OffRoad-Zone you really can get everything you expect from your vehicle’s performance. See our Performance section for a list of mods for your 4×4

Reasons to choose OffRoad-Zone:

Value for money

Our technicians can find and fix problems that others can’t. Our rates are better than the dealer and so is our know-how, creating great value for your money.  We know how to fix parts not just replace like most garages. When we do need to replace parts it will always be with Original Equipment. We do offer the option of choosing after market products.


We are honest, transparent, professional, and try to make it as fun as possible.  Our online Job Management System means complete transparency for our customers. We post all work to be done, including prices, so you can log in to view, approve, disprove or call for clarification. You can also see a history of all work quoted for and carried out by our Jeep garage.

Great experience

Our espresso machine is very popular and you will hopefully enjoy chatting to our experienced service managers.  We try to make the experience as fluid as possible

Courtesy cars

We also have available courtesy cars at great discounts for our service customers. We understand that life doesn’t just stop when your vehicle does.  Come in, give us a try, you and your Jeep will be enjoy the experience.