Foglight Selection

Foglight Selection

OffRoad-Zone’s Foglight Selection


Here at OffRoad-Zone, we have a large foglight selection from ‘KC HiLites’. KC has been pioneering high-quality off-road lighting since 1970. Since the beginning, KC’s involvement with motor sports has been critical to the process of designing, engineering and manufacturing the most advanced auxiliary lighting available.


Today, KC is all about quality. Their lights are built to last! Inside and out, KC has never accepted, designed, or produced anything that has the potential to fail. The inner reflectors are meticulously polished to produce the highest and brightest reflective surface. The bulbs are specially designed for their intended usage, whether in a desert or through a mountain range. It is this absolute commitment to total quality that allows KC to back every product they produce resulting in a 23-year warranty.

KC HiLites are adaptable to most 4×4’s. They will enhance any driving experience with the sheer power of the light that is able to illuminate a majority of environments. KC produces many different styles of lights ranging from 12” LED bars, all the way to 130 watt halogen lights that can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle. To help with the installation process, KC offers you their specifically designed KC Lite Bars. These bars can be installed on the bumper or the roof with special brackets for lights that can be installed on either side of the windshield.

KC is extremely recognisable with their smiley face light covers. Not only do they work well, they look great too!

For further information please email: [email protected] or take a look on our webpage.

As the saying goes: “KC LITES – THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT!”