Engine and Drivetrain Repair

Engine and Drivetrain Repair

Experts at Engine and Drivetrain Repair 

The Drivertrain includes the components that deliver  power from the engine to the wheels, including the transmission, clutch, transfer box, front and rear axles, differential lock and shafts.The type of engine is typically described by the placement of the pistons. For example, the 3.6L V6 2016 Jeep Wrangler JK engine has three pistons on each side angled in the shape of a V, while the 4.0 Inline 6 Jeep Wrangler YJ/TJ engine has six pistons in one line.

The UAE’s hot climate and the abundance of off-road terrain puts an extra strain on the cooling of vehicles, making them more susceptible to breakdown.  Some other causes we have seen for engine and drivetrain breakdowns include:  customer putting water instead of oil in the engine, filling up diesel fuel instead of unleaded fuel, using cheap/recycled oil, over-revving the engine, pushing the vehicle hard in the desert and lack of regular service.

Typically, the most cost effective way to solve an engine problem is to repair or rebuilt as replacing an engine can be very expensive. Depending on the problem, whether it’s a blown head gaskets,, ceased pistons, condition of the valves, it may be worthwhile installing a used engine.  The ultimate decision will always be our customers’.

Some indications of engine of potential engine or drivetrain issues include:

  • Warning lights – today’s modern vehicles have great warning systems. Warnings lights will come on if there are any issues. But don’t forget to keep an eye on your temperature gauge. If it crosses the half way point, it’s a good indication that something may be wrong
  • Unusual noise – knocking noise, strain, loss of power
  • White smoke – generally an indication of a blown head gasket, generally caused from overheating due to a problem with the cooling system, sometimes caused by a leaking line or radiator.
  • Dark smoke – generally an indication of burning oil due to an aging or overworked engine.

We strongly recommend pulling over immediately and turn-off your vehicle as soon as any of these indicators arise.

When repairing the engine and drivetrain, we generally have to drop (remove) the components from the body.  That is why when repairing the transmission, we generally recommend replacing the clutch as the transmission is already out of the vehicle.  We are experts in repairing engines and transmission, both automatic and manual.

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