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Electrical Systems

The battery is the source of electricity to your vehicle. ORZ Performance's trained technicians performance a full diagnostic on your battery, in addition to performing a visual inspection of the case. The terminals are checked and fully cleaned. All the hardware and fasteners that hold the battery securely in place under the bonnet are also checked and replaced if necessary. We'll replace the battery and repair or replace all the corresponding hardware. A reliable starter can mean the difference between a good and a bad day. We will inspect the starter system for faults, including the cable connections, bolts and brackets, and its electrical use. Any and all hardware will be thoroughly inspected and replaced if needed. The starter will also be tested for its drain on the electrical system, and corrected if needed. Alternators are integral to a proper functioning electrical system. The drive belt is checked and replaced if necessary. All brackets and hookups and inspected and replaced. The entire charging system is checked against the manufacturer specifications. Finally, all lightbulbs and headlamps are checked and replaced if necessary.
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