Dune Bashing with DubaiDrives

Dune Bashing with DubaiDrives

Dune bashing with DubaiDrives

Dune bashing with Don from DubaiDrives and our OffRoad-Zone team. Unfortunately Don’s Mini wasn’t quite up for our particular style of driving. Luckily he managed to convince his fiancee to lend him her Jeep. Good women are hard to find. She’s a keeper!


Minas took Don out towards Hatta. They started with getting intentionally stuck. There’s no point of dune fun if you don’t know how to get out when stuck. Next was how to traverse up and down the dunes, and of course cresting.



The rest of the day was spent travelling in convoy. Don had great fun learning how to attack the dunes in the desert. Now he just has to convince his lovely fiancee to borrow the Jeep again. Good luck Don.

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