Car Overheating

Tips to prevent your car overheating

Things To Watch Out For In The Heat

  1. It’s really important in the heat to watch out for the tires if they are old, (3-5year old tires are dangerous to drive on in the heat, because while driving, 32PSI can rise to 40PSI!)

  2. The cooling system: water pump, radiator, radiator cap, radiator hoses and cap, heater core hoses and assembly, are key to keeping cool and preventing the car overheating. All the parts in the diagram below are from the 97-06 model Jeep Wrangler (TJ’s)

All these parts can be an issue for the overheating in the engine. In the heat you need to keep your eye on the temperature gauge if there is one in your car. Some cars do not come with a temperature gauge. There will be a thermostat light that comes on if your car’s engine temperature becomes too hot. blog-4-image-2

You need to stop the car and switch the ignition off. If you continue drive the car with a high temperature you could potentially burn the engine head gasket, damage the pistons intake & exhaust valve, crank shaft, cam shaft, and cylinder head and so on.

Do not try to open the radiator cap when it is hot because there will be about 8 or more PSI in the cooling system.

Here are some pictures from an over-heated engine part (Pistons):

blog-4-image-3 blog-4-image-4

When you see the car temperature is going higher than normal, you can turn the AC off in the car as this will help release pressure from the engine. If the car has a heater option, switching the heater on will give the car extra help in cooling and will help the engine to circulate cooler water and oils through the engine helping prevent further damage.