Air Conditioner System & Problems

The air conditioner and all its parts

1) The Air Conditioner system consists of: AC compressor, AC compressor clutch, AC compressor coil, AC compressor pulley, AC condenser, AC evaporator, AC dryer bottle, AC expansion valve, AC dryer filter (ac accumulator) on some jeep models AC tube filter (orifice filter) AC blower motor, AC  blower fan, AC fan speed electric resistor, AC condenser fan, AC high pressure switch, AC low pressure switch, AC control panel, AC temperature sensor, different aluminum pipes, hoses & seals .

2) When you have a problem with your Jeep Air Conditioner, it could be one of these parts that has failed!




If you are having a problem with the AC, for example, if it’s not cooling enough, that can be due to low Freon in the AC system.

If the problem is where the air is blowing weak, that can be because the AC micro filter is blocked (if the car is equipped with one) or the AC evaporator is blocked with dust. The final problem that can cause this is if the AC blower motor is weak. This can be due to the age of the car.

Basically, the Air Conditioner system is like a fridge for the car, it runs with Freon. A compressor is just circulating the Freon in the AC system which starts from the AC condenser in to the expansion valve, on to the AC evaporator then to the AC dryer bottle (ac accumulator) and back to the compressor.




The common Jeep AC problem is that you may have a leak in the evaporator. This must be replaced immediately as you have the Freon gas blowing into the car and this is extremely toxic!

On the other hand, you may you have an AC Freon leak somewhere else. In order for us to find the exact location of the leak, we can do a dye detection test which becomes visible when wearing UV goggles.

Don’t try to assess it yourself as the gas could cause health issues. Please leave it to our trained technicians!